Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Palette

Hope you are having a good day and start to this week. I am slowly getting into a good routine for myself and my goals. Between my schooling, hobbies, boyfriend, kids, house, animals, I really can't complain. Everything is going wonderful and I am excited for things to come. Just a reminder to Never stop chasing your dreams. I am doing it and you can too. 


I got this palette in my November BoxyCharm. I am sure most of you know what BoxyCharm is but if you don't it is a monthly beauty subscription service. You receive 5 beauty items for $25 plus tax (according to your state). The value of the box is around $125, possibly more. I absolutely love this subscription, I have done others but ended up canceling and sticking with BoxyCharm.

OK, now back to the palette of this post. It is gorgeous. That is really all that I need to say. So with that, goodnight and see you in the next post....

But really, I could show you pictures and end with that statement.... but I won't, I will ramble some more. This was my first palette from Christen Dominique's makeup line so I was excited to play around with it. I had to start with the pink, I am always curious how pinks will do when I see palettes the first time. I have had many that were chalky with poor payoff, patchy, or just hard to blend. When I used this, I probably went in with the brush a tad too much. IT IS PIGMENTED! Thankfully it blended very nicely. Next, I decided that I wanted to do a cut crease....Yikes. I pretty much suck at cut crease trend BUT I know I need to just practice. Why not do that with 2 of the brightest colors. It turned out decent and I definitely will be practicing more to get this cut crease down. 

Eye look details: 
*Lucid dream for crease and under eye.
*Mystic Ice for lid after doing a cut crease using an elf flawless concealer.  
*Hank & Henry liquid liner
*L.A. Girl Shockwave liners blackout for upper water line and Screamin' for lower water line. 
*treStique Good Vibes mascara
*Kiss Blowout Pixie lashes. 

My thoughts on this palette you ask?...or didn't ask.. but hey, I will let you know: 
 I am very pleased with it. It is pigmented, great color range for many looks and the colors I worked with blended wonderfully. I had a little bit of a patchy scenario with Mystic Ice but I think that was due to it sticking better to concealer in some parts than others? I still managed to get it to look even without much effort. I will definitely play with this more. The 2 shades Fireball and Blackout have a pink glitter in them, I think I will be trying those next. They look gorgeous swatched(Enlarge the picture above to see the glitter). 
I would love to see another palette from this brand in a future BoxyCharm box. 

Do you subscribe to BoxyCharm or any others? What was your favorite item from November?

Thank you again for checking out my post, I appreciate it! 

Until the next post, have a great rest of your day.


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