Cheers by Profusion Cosmetics

Happy Wednesday!
 Hope you are having a great day. I am currently battling the want to sit on the couch all day and watch Disney plus. Remembering all those older movies and shows that I have just kind of forgotten about over the years, now I want to binge watch. 

 I was doing my quick Fred Meyers grocery trip(haha, never is it quick) and decided to browse the makeup section for any new makeup or gifts. I found the Cheers palette by Profusion and for the price tag, the makeup obsessed part of my brain took over and said, "you have to get this!" As I put it in the cart and whisper duh to myself, I walked away before that part of my brain could tell me anymore musts. 

It is a gorgeous palette, my comfort colors, the ones I always reach for. Upon playing and swatching, they swatched beautifully. Some a little more dusty than others but that has never bothered me.  A couple seemed to be pretty sheer when applying on my arm however, I still want to try on the eyes before ruling them out. When applying the shadows I used for the look below, they blended beautifully. I didn't have to go over a ton of times either to deepen. The worked well and didn't create any splotchy areas.

I haven't tried Profusion before and I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely grab for this time and time again as I could see using every color in this palette. If you're a beginner or expert, you would have fun with this palette. It is a good mixture to create so many looks.

Cheers by Profusion Cosmetics: $10.99 at Fred Meyers 


Eye look details: 
*Great as an all over to set my primer
 *Popsicle as a transition shade in the crease
*Noble as corner into the crease just to add a little darkness to the Popsicle color
*Boot to darken up the outer area
*Twinkle for inner corner
*Brow bone is Fame.
*Under eye is a mixture of the first 3 colors

Have you tried any products from Profusion cosmetics line? If so, what did you think?

I would love to try more palettes and products from Profusion. If they are as good as this, I am hooked. If you have any suggestions or would like to see anything specific, please feel free to let me know! 

Enjoy your day,


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