A fresh start

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I have sat down and actually wrote something on here. I decided to delete everything on my page as I just needed a fresh start. With life changes and wanting to get back to who I am, it definitely took some time.
Now I am here, in my zone, wanting to be more creative. Whether it be my gushing post about a new primer, foundation, mascara, nail polish, skin care or a life goal, decor, travels. I absolutely love talking about all things beauty which as we all know, spans to several different things in this beautiful world. I am excited to get back into this part of me that I have missed so much. It really is a fun outlet to me that gets my mind off of the everyday stresses of life. I hope you all will like what I bring to this page.  

Please be patient with me as I get this all updated and more me! 

Miranda Mariah


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