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I 🧡 Revolution: Donut tray palette kit

Hey! Hope all is well and the new year is starting out good for you. 
I have been really excited to for a fresh new year and new goals. I never really set anything crazy but I do like to set small ones that I won't give up on during the year.  My resolutions 1) to keep my content going, keep practicing and just having fun with it all.  2) Read at least 15 minutes per day.  I think those are extremely doable!  If you want let me know your resolutions/goals below or on my IG: MirandasMakeup I'd love to hear them! 
Now onto why I started this post. This super adorable making me want donuts set!  This was a Christmas present from my boyfriend. He loves finding stuff for me, even has found some brands I didn't know about, go bf! He really is such a huge motivator when it comes to my hobbies, he actually wants me to start creating more, doing videos because he knows how passionate and fun it is for me. We shall see.....
This is the I 🧡 Revolution Donut Tray Palette Kit. Right …

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