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FlutterHabit lashes

Hello and welcome back!
I know you all know about all of the falsies, lash extensions, etc... I've always been nervous about getting lash extensions, what they could do to my real lashes or if they messed with my eyes. I have sensitive eyes and on top of it, allergies. So, I have to be careful with what I use when it comes to the glue. Super fun. 
I recently came across FlutterHabit lashes.
 Temp lash extensions that are said to last 3-5 days and easy to apply? Sign me up.
 I had to try, I am SO happy I did. 
If you would like to read the FlutterHabit story: About
They come in 2 boxes with 3 sets in each of the boxes. Retails for $29.99.  You have the option to do a subscription which is $25, you receive 2 boxes of  lashes every 30 days.  There is 2 glue options: Regular and latex free. Both retail for $4.99.  They are faux mink and cruelty free.
3 styles offered: The Original(The sequel), The Wink, and Shorties.
I chose the Original to start with but recently purchased The Wink. I should see…

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